This Will Make You Smarter

This Will Make You Smarter

Edited by John Brockman

4/7 stars

“What scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit?” Interesting question, no? posited this question and published 151 answers from scientists, doctors, journalists and authors. Each answer was about 1-5 pages long, and most involved scientific principles.

It is a very pro-science book. Now, I am not anti-science. I believe that most people would benefit from putting more scientific principles and practices into their everyday lives. That said, I do not think that science is the be all and end all of the human experience. Many if not all of the articles in this book seems to disagree with me. Several articles also made comments like “Our religions are clearly false, even if certain classically religious experiences are worth having” (213). I happen to have a different stance on that subject.

All in all, this book was good to read as it made me think about some of my thought patterns and processes. I would not call this book a must read, but it’s also probably not a waste of your time.

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