The Power of Habit

The Power of Habit
By Charles Duhigg
6/7 stars

I found this book fascinating. Duhigg examines not only the psychology of habits, but also the neurology. The basic idea is that a habit involves four components: craving, cue, routine, and reward. If you can consistently change one of these components, you can change your habits. This applies to both good and bad habits.

Please note that “habit” is used in this book as a consistent pattern of behavior. This could mean what we think of as a habit (nail biting), a discipline (exercise), or something more serious (alcohol addiction). Habits in the large part control the majority of our behaviors, according to Duhigg, so it is not only valuable but imperative that we learn how to harness them.

The Power of Habit was well-constructed, well-researched, and engaging. It felt like the examples were what caused the conclusions Duhigg drew rather than the other way around. He discusses multiple facets of habit formation and retention, as well as factors that go into both.

I would recommend that anyone read this book. It is well worth your time.

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