Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

Not Everyone Gets A Trophy
By Bruce Tulgan
3/7 stars

I found this book rather frustrating to read. It did have some good advice, but that advice was scattered in the midst of generalizations, condescension, and factually inaccurate statements. The premise of the book is that the members of Gen Y are fundamentally different than those in preceding generations and therefore require a different managing style.

This managing style consists of assume they need you to take the role of pseudo-parent and teach them all the things. All the things includes: scheduling, note-taking, checklists, and how to finish a task. Gen Yers need you to hold their hand, provide structure in their lives, and give constant feedback. Keep track of every single miniscule accomplishment so that you can praise them for it and give out copious rewards. The title of the book is “Not Everyone Gets a Trophy”, but you could easily put in parenthesis “But Treat Them Like They Do”.

As you can probably tell, I was not a fan of this book. The main reason for this was less the content and more the tone of condescension the author advocates when dealing with younger people. While he constantly says to respect them, he also advocates near constant supervision for the members of Gen Y, which to me is a mixed message.

However, there was some good advice in the book. What I found the most applicable was have flexibility in scheduling, create open dialogue, legitimately seek input, respect your employees, and communicate both positive and negative things without varnish.

All in all, I would probably not recommend this book unless you have a hard time relating to people of a different generation to yourself.

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