Comrades We

Comrades We (Comrades Trilogy #1)
by A. Louise Olson
5/7 stars

When reading a book in a new series, I look for a number of very specific things. First and foremost I want a well thought out world. Politics, culture, magic, warfare and geography are all things to consider when creating a fantasy world. i found that in the main, Olson achieved this. She clearly spent a lot of time thinking about her world and how the various components worked together.

There were a lot of characters in this volume. Each character was distinct and had his/her own voice, which made keeping track of them fairly simple. In the main, they were likable people. They were also flawed enough that I believed they WERE people rather than merely characters.

I did feel that the book was a little too short to give every character a full arc, though. I would like to see more of any given character introduced but there simply wasn’t time. Similarly, there was a lot of time covered; years passed over the course of the story. There were points at which I wished the story would slow down a bit so that I could focus more on the characters than the overarching plot. So I guess my biggest complaint about the book is that I wanted more of it. There are far worse complaints.

I would certainly recommend this book. It shows a lot of promise for Olson’s future as a fantasy author, and I look forward to seeing what she has to offer us next.

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